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Allen Station
Address: 1120 N Cedar Dr. Map
City: Allen, TX Map
Celebration Park
Address: 701 Angel Pkwy Map
City: Allen, TX Map
Frito Lay Pepsi Ballpark
Address: 6000 Jupiter Road Map
City: Plano, TX Map
LCA Warrior Field
Address: 505 W. Lucas Rd.  Map
City: Lucas, TX Map
Phone #: 972-429-4362

Please park in the South gravel parking lot located to the West of the field. 

LCA Warrior Gym
Address: 505 W. Lucas Rd. Map
City: Lucas, TX Map

Please Park in the South gravel parking lot and enter the school on the West side.

Melissa Sports Complex
Address: 4220 E Melissa Rd Map
City: Melissa, TX Map
San Jacinto Christian
Address: 4100 Republic Avenue Map
City: Amarillo, TX Map
Phone #: 806-372-2285

Football field is located at the South Campus.